RICHARD TYLER JORDAN is the author of eight novels, including four in the Polly Pepper mystery series: Remains to be Scene, Final Curtain, A Talent for Murder, and Set Sail for Murder (coming in paperback in Spring 2011). An additional four novels appeared under the name Ben Tyler: the best-selling Tricks of the Trade, Hunk House, and Gay Blades (which was #1 on the InsightOut Book Club Bestsellers List), and One Night Stand. He has also contributed novellas to the anthologies Summer Share and All I Want for Christmas, both of which received Lambda Literary Award nominations, and the collection Man of My Dreams. He also is the author of the nonfiction book, But Darling I'm Your Auntie Mame!

Jordan has contributed short stories to and written feature articles for such publications as Los Angeles Magazine, Christopher Street, Westways Magazine, and The National Reader. He is the U.S. columnist for the British theatre magazine Musical Stages. He has also completed a screenplay adaptation of Julia Oliver’s acclaimed novel Goodbye to the Buttermilk Sky.

As a senior publicist and staff writer with The Walt Disney Studios for twenty years, Jordan has written the press kit marketing materials for nearly 400 live-action feature films. In addition, he teaches writing motivation seminars at Long Beach State College, and at The Ed Gould Center in West Hollywood.

Reared in Peabody, Massachusetts, Jordan moved to Los Angeles when he was nineteen and is only now beginning to look back. Although he’s always been a writer, he first began to earn a living in this manner as the staff writer in the feature film marketing division of The Walt Disney Studios.

“It was the best of times. It was the worst of times,” Jordan says of his nearly two decades in that position. “Although the deadlines were a horror, the writing and rewriting gave me discipline and the understanding that there are many ways to spin a story,” Jordan says. “In retrospect, I see that those years were better than a master's program in creative writing because by pumping out prose twelve hours a day and on nearly 400 films I honed what little skill I had and developed what I hope is a breezy style of writing.”

During those years, while still writing for Disney, Jordan found time to complete his first book, But Darling, I’m Your Auntie Mame!, a nonfiction history of the famous character created by author Patrick Dennis. He went on to write eight novels and three novellas—summer beach reading books written under various a pen names including Ben Tyler.

The Polly Pepper mystery series includes Remains to be Scene, Final Curtain, A Talent for Murder, and Set Sail for Murder. “I hope to be writing about the exploits of semi-ditzy faded television icon Polly Pepper and her unique way of stumbling upon dead bodies and uncovering how they got that way, for a long time. Polly and her entourage are amazing and fun characters to spend my time with.”

Jordan continues to work at the Disney film studios in Burbank, California. When he’s not in front of his computer writing books, he loves to read (among his favorite authors are Julia Oliver, Laura Levine, Andrew W.M. Beierle, J. Randy Taraborrelli, and Carolyn See). He also enjoys entertaining in his Hollywood Hills home, traveling, and relaxing at his mountain retreat in Running Springs, California. He says that he has the life he always dreamed of while plotting his escape from Peabody. Now, “I'd like to escape from Los Angeles and spend my life writing in Scotland.” (Or England. Or Ireland. He vacillates.)


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