POLLY PEPPER is a living legend, straight from television's golden age, complete with a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame. Polly began her illustrious, long-running television program, The Polly Pepper Playhouse, in 1965 and for the next twelve years reigned as the queen of the Friday night airwaves.  She won thirteen Emmy Awards, five Peabodies, and ten People’s Choice Awards.

But that was thirty years ago, and these days it seems her only time in the spotlight is accepting a somewhat premature (from her point of view, anyway) Lifetime Achievement Award. Would it kill someone to offer her a decent role?

When the untimely death of her dear friend, Trixie Wilder, opens up a part in the blockbuster teen musical Detention Rules, Polly knows she should audition, especially when she reads in Daily Variety about who else is being considered: Sedra Stone, her arch rival, who stole Polly's second husband—and her third. When Sedra gets the role, Polly is incensed, but not for long. Because soon Sedra is dead after falling from a diving platform into an empty pool...

After 12 seasons and 13 Emmys, Polly closed the Playhouse doors
for the last time. (Click image to enlarge)

After Polly joins the cast, she learns that many on the set of Detention Rules weren't upset to see Sedra die. In fact, the cast of suspects is longer than the waiting list for a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon. Now it's up to Polly, her son Tim, and their sassy maid Placenta to solve the mystery of who killed Sedra Stone.

And so begins a new chapter in Polly’s occasionally charmed life...

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