Tricks of the Trade—“Fast-paced name-dropper”

First-time novelist Ben Tyler stirs up an intoxicating cocktail composed of equal parts delicious name-dropping gossip, venomous Hollywood satire and steamy boy-meets-boy action. As staff copywriter at Sterling Studios, Bart Cain is in a prime position to observe the destruction that his homophobic boss, "Scary Shari" Draper, has set in motion in her winner-take-all battle to unseat gay head honcho Owen Lucas. Blackmailed into helping her, Bart enlists the aid of friends to foil her plan. While the intrigue at work makes Bart's life miserable, he finds temporary happiness in the bed of hunky gigolo/screenwriter Rodrigo Dominguez. In an effort to help Rod's writing career, Bart escorts him to a party filled with movers and shakers at the home of TV star Jim Fallon. Unfortunately for Bart, Fallon sets his sights on the lusty Latino and steals him away with promises of producing his script. Fallon is looking for a vehicle to resurrect the career he destroyed when a homemade S&M porn video revealed a different side of TV's favorite squeaky-clean sitcom dad. Written in cinematic, pop culture-inflected prose, this fast-paced name-dropper pulls the reader effortlessly, along like a spicy NC-17 cable miniseries. The surprise is Tyler's multidimensional characters, who, like counterparts in Queer as Folk and Sex in the City, live in the fast lane but are filled with enough doubts, concerns and foibles to endear them to readers.

Hunk House—“Satiric, incendiary”

After savaging gay Hollywood in last year's Tricks of the Trade, Tyler turns his satiric sights on reality TV with incendiary results. Those with a taste for malicious mischief will enjoy this heady concoction of plot-heavy, door-slamming farce mixed with explicit gay sex and Tinseltown name-dropping (with the latter fictionalized just enough to avoid legal action). Although it's generally all in good fun, there's a trip to a dungeon (run by the priest at St. Ethel Mertz the Divine) that may separate the men from the boys. When a scandal gets Hamilton Peabody demoted to the position of programming director at a small local TV station in Dulcit, Iowa, he comes up with an idea to get himself back into L.A. and the limelight. He creates the reality TV/game show Hunk House (a mixture of Survivor, Real World and Queer as Folk) to resuscitate his career. Six gay men volunteer to be holed up in a haunted Victorian mansion equipped with cameras to record their every move, and one household member gets voted “out” each week. However, the small town can only find five gay contestants, so Bull, the station's straight repairman, is coerced into joining the show. Readers may be able to guess the results but not all the twists that the story takes to get there.

Gay Blades—“Shamelessly seductive”

After successfully skewering ego-driven Hollywood (Tricks of the Trade) and salacious reality TV shows (Hunk House), Tyler sets his sights on the backstabbing world of traveling ice-skating exhibitions and delivers an entertaining all-gay version of All About Eve. Hunky former Olympic hopefuls Garry Windsor and Jay Logan have landed in the cheesiest of traveling ice shows, Gold on Ice (also known as "the drain" because it sucks talent into oblivion), after Garry was fired from the American Skating Society (A.S.S.) for being gay, and Jay ended his competitive career years ago with a poor showing at the Nationals. The two form a friendship with Gold on Ice's star attraction, level-headed bronze medal winner Amber Nyak (the Mary Richards of the skating world) and slowly begin to increase the quality of the skating and production. The improved ice show starts attracting larger crowds, media attention and a youthful, innocent skater wannabe, Tag Tempkin. Before you can say “Eve Harrington,” Tag's hero worship routine has snagged him a part in the show, and then the kid gloves come off. So do the shirts and pants as Tag leaves no fly unzipped on his quest to headline the show and sideline his competition. Fans of Tyler's shamelessly seductive blend of fast-paced action, ruthless characters and hard sex will gobble up this high-caloric bonbon.

One Night Stand—“Nothing is taboo”

You’re invited to an exclusive den of iniquity . . . where Hollywood’s gay stars and power brokers can speed dial the man of their dreams for a night of mind-numbing sex, if they can pay the price. It’s a connection so private, so guarded, people would do anything to protect its secret—anything . . .

Like millions of other gorgeous, iron-pumped young guys, Derek Bracken came to Hollywood with dreams of stardom and maybe a chance at Mr. Right. But after a few years of waiting tables, juggling acting classes and auditions, and working the casting couch on his back, Derek’s still a sexy unknown . . . until a sheet-soaking session with a Hollywood hotshot takes his life and career in a very new and profitable direction . . .

As a top-notch escort servicing Tinseltown’s closeted stars and gay mafia dons, Derek becomes a star in his own right. With his underwear-model-worthy body, considerable bedroom skills, and the kind of imagination that turns any encounter into sexual nirvana, he’s made a small fortune and lots of high-powered friends. But Derek wants more. Trawling the West Hollywood clubs and Internet chat rooms, the aspiring stud broker collects his own "dirty dozen"—a reliable coterie of young men with diverse body types, trained to cater to rich men’s $5,000-and-up sexual fantasies. At “One Night Stand,” nothing is too taboo, too outrageous, too close to the edge for the powerful clients who come to play in private…